Why you should always choose a pad with an anti-bacterial layer

Every month, we have to go through 3-4 days of pain and discomfort in the form of our menstrual cycle. Some may have it easy, some may have it hard, but the one common factor that makes our period that much manageable is a steady supply of reliable sanitary napkins. With a trusted sanitary napkin such as Eva, you can make the world your oyster by getting through your day with ease and confidence. 

With an array of benefits including a day free of worrying about leakage, easy clean and disposal, convenience and the prevention of vaginal infections, Eva Sanitary Napkins is the familiar best friend you can count on, on your good days and bad.

But why choose Eva over other brands? 

We’ve got a secret, we’ve included a special, internationally renowned Antibacterial An-ion layer to your beloved Sanitary Napkins to make it that much better! Read on to find out how you can benefit from our new and improved sanitary napkins!

Minimizes bacterial growth 

Infused with the goodness of Green Tea Essence and a special antibacterial layer, the new Eva Sanitary pads help minimize the risk of any bacterial growth with the use of the An-ion layer. This special addition helps stop and reduce the growth of bacteria due to perspiration. 

Odor Control 

One of the most stressful aspects of our period is the worry of odors and smells throughout the day. This can be mentally draining and hinder your day to day activities. With the addition of Green Tea Essence, the all new Eva pads give you one less thing to worry about! The all natural Green Tea Extracts help minimize and control odor, to keep you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.

Improved absorbency

No more worries about accidental leaking! The new and improved Eva Napkin guarantees maximum absorbency without the fear of leaking. Head on to work, your next meeting or to school with the utmost confidence. 

Maximum dryness with comfort 

Feeling uncomfortable throughout the day goes hand in hand when you are on your period. So we decided to take at least some of the discomfort away by upping our game to give you maximum dryness and comfort. Our new pads are designed to ensure maximum absorbency so you can feel comfortable and dry for long periods of time. 

Extra-long for extra protection.  

Don’t let that heavy flow hinder your confidence! The Eva 280mm Extra Long Cotton Heavy Flow & Dritex Heavy Flow Napkins with a special antibacterial layer and superior absorbency is sure to keep you strutting your stuff without worry, throughout the day.