Tips for traveling with Aunty Flo

So you’ve gathered your friends, booked the hotels and packed your bags with all your travel essentials, and much to your dismay, your annoying Aunty Flo decides to join you on your trip.


Alas! There go your dreams of swimming, hiking and camping.

Nobody likes an uninvited guest, especially one that causes you inconvenience in the form of cramps, nausea, fever, body aches and pains. Somehow Auntie Flo is just not a great travel buddy when all you want to do is have some fun!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you though. Keep reading for some easy tips and tricks on how to be better prepared for dealing with your period while traveling.

Track your flow

In order to avoid any surprise visits, track your cycle monthly. You can use the old school method of writing it down on a notebook or even use an easy app on your phone such as My Calendar, Period Tracker or Clue. If you are pre-planning a holiday and are flexible with your dates, try to avoid the days you are on your period for a better travel experience. This is not a fool-proof method as sometimes our period can arrive early or late due to many factors such as the stress of travel, climate and time zone changes.

Flow with the flow

In most cases, we won’t be able to adjust the dates of our holiday to not clash with the days we are menstruating. Therefore it is important to pack and take everything you need to make your cycle  smooth and as pain-free as possible. Before travelling, make a list of everything you would normally need when at home and pack all of it into your suitcase or bag!

Take your period must haves

Pack comfortable pads and liners such as the EVA Dritex Ultra thin wings which are super slim, giving you extra comfort and absorption, which will allow you to breeze through your holiday activities without stress and worry!

Take your painkillers

When at home, if you use painkillers to soothe your period pains, make sure to go to a pharmacy and stock up on your pills. These will be a lifesaver to get rid of those nasty cramps and aches while travelling.

Pack some panty liners

Panty liners always come in handy! If you are about to start or at the end of your period whilst traveling, panty liners such as Eva PL  can keep you feeling fresh and confident throughout your journey.  

Get in some exercise

Even if your plan is to just sit by the beach sipping on some Mojitos while enjoying your favorite book, it maybe a good idea to take a few minutes out of your day to stay active and get in some light exercise. Working out has been helpful in reducing menstrual symptoms therefore including a few minutes of cardio or even yoga into your travel itinerary may be a good idea!

Heat helps

If you have a heat pack, make sure to bring it along with you. Since heat has shown to be efficient in reducing period pains, having one of these with your might elevate your travel experience. If you do not have access to a heat pack, try taking a hot bath to soothe your period pains.

Do whatever helps

It’s a holiday and you’re meant to enjoy it, even if you are on your period. Therefore do whatever and take whatever you need, to help you stay comfy and happy. Need a blanket for the car ride? Pack it. Need your travel pillow? Grab it. Need some soothing music? Download it.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water is always beneficial, especially when you are on your period. It may be easy to forget the H20 and indulge in your favorite cocktails throughout the day, but make sure to keep a bottle of water with you to avoid dehydration. Not having enough water can make your period symptoms such as cramps, headache and nausea much worse. Try to aim for at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

Take it easy

Feeling a bit down, moody or irritated while on your period is understandable and happens to the best of us! When on holiday, make sure to do relaxing activities that make you feel better. You don’t need to take part in all the group activities if you are not up to it. Instead spend time doing things that bring you comfort, be it reading a book or going on a walk.