The benefits and importance of using protection while having sex 

If you are sexually active or have decided to be, one of the most important things that you should do is to speak to your partner about protection.  While it may be an uncomfortable conversation, using proper protection is vital as it helps prevent STIs and STDs while reducing the chances of unwanted pregnancies.

Here we further explore the importance of using protection during sex to help you be informed, prepared and safe.



Prevents unwanted pregnancies

With an effectiveness rate of about 85%,condoms are a great method of preventing unwanted pregnancies. These can be purchased from any pharmacy or supermarket. When using a condom always be sure to read the instructions, check the expiry date and always put it on before any genital contact occurs.


Keeps your safe from STD

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs such as HIV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be both painful and life-changing One of the best methods to protect yourself against these is to use a condom when engaging in any sexual activity.


Reduces the risk of other infections

Using a condom during sex can help reduce your chances of catching UTI’s and bacterial vaginosis. Semen can mess with the Vagina’s pH balance, which makes you prone to infection. The use of a condom means that no semen touches your vagina making it hard for germs and bacteria to infect you.


It’s affordable

Condoms are one of the most affordable and cost-effective methods of protection in the market. It is convenient to purchase and is not too expensive.


Easy and convenient

Any pharmacy, supermarket or convenience store will have condoms readily available. This minimizes the need for doctors appointments, Gyno visits etc. Easypeasy!


Extra protection

Even if you are using other contraceptive methods such as birth control pills, rings, IUDs and implants, wearing a condom during sex gives you extra protection. Since no method is 100% effective, using condoms during sex can help you prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs.


No side effects

Condoms are one of the best forms of protection that has zero to minimal side effects. Methods such as birth control pills can have effects on your body such as mood swings, acne and weight gain, while condoms barely have any. It could sometimes irritate those with latex sensitivity. If you are allergic to latex, try out a different brand or using plastic condoms.


Increased sexual pleasure

Condoms can make sexual intercourse that much better! If your mind is preoccupied about unwanted pregnancies, STI’s and STD’s, sex can be significantly less pleasurable. Keep your mind stress free and relaxed by making your partner use a condom during sex.