Period Myths, Busted!

For something so natural and normal, there sure seems to be a lot of taboo and mystery around the topic of menstruation. With a great deal of confusion, rumors, stories, and myths flowing around us heavier than our period, we are here to take these tales and dispel them one by one!


Myth: Women on their period are most likely to get attacked by sharks

Period, shark da doo doo NO! While it is true that sharks are attracted to blood, it is highly unlikely for sharks to smell your period blood and attack you in the ocean. The amount of period blood produced by your body is so small especially in the water.


Myth: You can’t get pregnant on your period

While the chances of this are quite low, it still can happen. Sperm can live up for about 72 hours therefore if you are ovulating during this time, there are chances of you getting pregnant.  Therefore, it is always a safer option to use a contraception if you have sex during your period.


Myth: You are definitely pregnant if you missed your period

There could be many reasons apart from pregnancy for missing your period which include high stress levels, body weight fluctuations or even medication.

Myth: Rest well and avoid any form of exercise

While getting in extra rest during your period can help fight off fatigue, if you want to squeeze in a workout, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t. Exercise has actually been recommended as a way of reducing period pains, bloating and cramps. So, hit the gym, stay fit and healthy!


Myth: You need to see a doctor when you first get your period.

Most absolutely not. Unless there is cause for concern like severe bleeding or pain, you don’t need to go see a doctor. Be sure to have a chat with a parent or trusted friend who can fill you in on personal hygiene, products to use and how to take care of yourself while you are on your period.

Myth: You should not wash your hair while on your period

This old wives tale has no reason or evidence as to why you should not wash your hair. So go ahead, later, rinse, repeat!

Myth: You get your period every 28 days

The length and flow of the period cycle differs from person to person, therefore the time between your periods can vary anything from 25-35 days. Factors such as weight gain/loss, heavy exercise and even stress can cause irregular period cycles.

Myth: You can hold in your period

This is very much untrue. While it is possible to hold in your urine, it is not possible to do the same with your period as the period blood comes from the vagina which does not have sphincters that help hold the blood in.

Myth: There is no such thing as PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

PMS is a real thing and a common occurrence. Due to the changes in your hormone levels before your period, you can have mood swings, bloating and cramps.

Myth: People know when you are on your period

There are no proper signs and showing symptoms that tell people that you’ve got your period. Having said that there is nothing to hide or be ashamed of so if you feel like talking about your period, go ahead and do so!