How to stay safe when travelling alone

 Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, solo travelling is a rewarding experience like no other! As you venture out into a new country, city or state,  there's something empowering about living life on your own terms and time while finding yourself.


While solo travelling is something everyone should do at least once, there are a million concerns and worries that could cross your mind before embarking on your journey. Here we have compiled a list of easy guidelines&  tips to help you stay safe and have a holiday full of memories to last a lifetime.

  • Always research your hotels, villas and hostels before booking a place. Sites like, TripAdvisor etc. have pictures and reviews by actual travelers which makes it easy to decide if it's a good, safe location for you.
  • Start small. If it is your first solo trip, instead of visiting an unfamiliar country, maybe do a two or three day trip to a different city or state and see how you fare.
  • Avoid walking around at night time, try to use public transport or cabs if possible.
  • Don't have all your cash on you. Keep some cash with you and some of the money and cards back at your hotel or hostel.
  • Always keep copies of your passport and ID with you in a safe location.
  • Go easy on the alcohol. Having drinks is fine, but make sure that you are in your senses to make it back to your hotel or hostel. Being drunk and lost in a new city or country is quite dangerous.
  • Leave your passport in the room if it is not needed for your day of travelling or sightseeing. Losing a passport can be a huge inconvenience so it's best to keep it in a safe location unless otherwise needed.
  • Planning is almost as fun as travelling! Make a travel itinerary by going online and figuring out out places and sites you want to visit, things you want to do etc. Check which beaches could be safe, which ones to avoid, which neighborhoods to avoid, which ones to visit etc.
  • If you do make a travel itinerary, make a copy of it and give it to someone who is not travelling with you so that they know where you will be. Hand it over to a trusted friend or close family member.
  • Each country, city, state has its own share of scams and problems. Be sure to educate yourself on the problems and scams of the places you will be visiting so you can stay clear of them.
  • Try to pick places with lots of good reviews.
  • Get an international phone plan as having your phone can be very useful in case of an emergency.
  • Use your phone to your advantage. Apps such as Google Maps, Google translate etc. can make getting through your journey convenient and easy.
  • Trust your gut instinct. Believe in the power of intuition and if something or someone doesn’t feel right, walk away. Your intuition sometimes can get heightened over time as a solo traveler.
  • Get travel insurance. Having a valid insurance can come in handy in case of an emergency. Lost luggage, stolen wallets, health concerns etc. are all that much easier to attend to with the assistance of travel insurance.
  • Avoid being targeted by thieves and pickpockets by concealing your cash, credit cards etc. in a safe hidden place. Use a fanny pack or a secure bag to store your cash in.
  • Don't flaunt your valuables while travelling. Keep it hidden or at home. Avoid wearing flashy expensive jewelry or using fancy electronics whilst sightseeing.
  • Do not walk around the city listening to music with your earphones on. This can make you less aware of your surroundings and a target for muggings.