The Nivaran Story

Many of us were raised with our mothers giving us Nivaran remedies stocked in our homes. For over 25 years, Nivaran's herbal concoctions have been the number one choice for Sri Lankan families. Nivaran is an all ayurvedic brand, producing three key solutions in the form of Nivaran Paspanguwa, Nivaran90 Cough Syrup and Nivaran Pain Relief Balm.

Ayurvedic remedies are the cornerstone of an ancient way of healing, native to this part of the world. In Sri Lanka, the Ayurvedic practice is particularly unique for using collections of native herbs to brew remedies – something we have been doing for centuries. Nivaran celebrates these ancient island healing rituals by continuing to make tried and tested remedies for all of us.

For aches and pains, for nasty bouts of the flu and chest colds that keep you up at night, turn to the Nivaran’s ancient remedies, made for the whole family. With no additives and chemicals, the Nivaran brand is all natural and entirely good for you. For peace of mind and wellness all-round, keep Nivaran in your home.

Herbal Well-Being

Sri Lanka’s well known ancient practices delivered for everyone in the family from Nivaran. Make 100% herbal, all-natural Nivaran remedies a must-have in your home and when you’re on the go.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your loved ones are healthy and safe. That’s where over 25 years of wellness experience comes into play when you have any of Nivaran’s 3 natural remedies in your home.

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