About us

Extra soft, ultra-absorbent & friendly on the environment: Eko Fresh is the discerning choice of Sri Lankan families, in workplaces and when people are on the go. A product of ICL Brands, the country's leading FMCG brand, Eko Fresh is an especially crafted, world class product made in Sri Lanka.

All made with 100% virgin pulp, the Eko Fresh collection includes toilet rolls for your bathroom, serviettes for mealtimes, kitchen towels for surfaces and facial tissues to keep by your side. We also offer value packs for busy people always on the go.

With an Eko Fresh product, you can keep your kitchen and work surfaces wiped clean or reach for a tissue while you're on the go. What's more - you're protecting the environment too. Eko Fresh is all about three core elements: cleaner faces, cleaner spaces and a cleaner world.

Cleaner faces

The Eko Fresh facial collection is the perfect home and on-the-go companion to keep your face and hands clean during a busy day at work or home.

Cleaner spaces

The Eko Fresh surface cleaning series is all about wiping down busy surfaces at work and home to make sure all your spaces are ultra safe and super clean.

Cleaner world

Crafted especially to keep your faces and spaces clean, the Eko Fresh collection comes with the added benefit of being friendly on the environment.

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