The right way to oil your hair

100% pure Coconut oil is the perfect dose of natural care for your scalp and hair, to keep it healthy and look great at the same time. at the same time. As Sri Lankans we are lucky to have this magical element easily accessible to us, but there is the right way to use pure coconut oil to maximize its benefits on your hair and scalp. Here is a step by step guide on the right way to oil your hair:

Step 1 : Heat the oil

While this is not an essential step, warm coconut oil can be absorbed more deeply by your scalp and hair which makes the process more effective and soothing at the same time.

Step 2 : Start small

When oiling your hair, its best to start with a small quantity of oil and then increase as needed in order to prevent your hair from getting greasy and limp with too much oil.

Step 3 : The message

Once you pour the oil into your scalp start gently massaging your scalp from top to bottom, using the tips of all your fingers in circular motions. Then gently work your way down to the ends of the hair. If your hair is curly, first partition and clip your hair into batches and massage the oil in one section after the other. Make sure to massage your scalp in a soothing way, not adding too much pressure. A good massage helps relieve your stress and improve blood circulation.

Step 4 : The towel wrap

Use a towel to wrap up your hair around your forehead in order to get your pores and cuticles to warm and open up, absorbing the oil. For best results we recommend using a freshly ironed or warm towel.

Step 5 : Rinse it off

Once you have your hair wrapped up in a towel with the well massaged oil within, you can either shower a few hours later or leave on overnight. When you do shower, make sure to use normal tap water which is cool but make sure to clean thoroughly to get all the extra oil out.

Here is also a list of things to avoid when oiling your hair:

-       NO COMBING

Never comb your hair after oiling it. Once oiled, your hair becomes temporarily vulnerable and can break easily.


The oil in your hair needs time to do its magic so never shower too early. The oil should sit for a minimum of one hour before its washed off.


Make sure to never tie your hair after you oil it. Similar to combing after you oil, you can cause more breakage and damage.


While it is important to ensure that all the excess oil comes off, make sure to use your shampoo sparingly. Too much shampoo can remove your scalp’s natural oils and undo all the good of your oiling session


As we mentioned before, remember to massage gently and in circular motions. Vigorous massaging can also lead to hair breakage or the removal or hair from newly opened pores.

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