Natural remedies for an irritant cough – Be surprised by the results!

The cough is often underrated. Although, coughs are good when it comes to clearing irritants and infections away from the body, a continuous cough is not a pleasant experience at all. It’s annoying and exhausting as well. Once you know the possible reason for a cough, you can easily treat it with remedies. Let the reason be an allergy, infection or an acid reflux- there are natural remedies to beat them all.


Our ancient people used honey as a time-honored treatment for sore throats. Not just for sore throats, honey is equally good for coughs. In the western medication process, doctors follow treatments containing dextromethorphan (DM) to suppress cough, but this may sometimes contain aftereffects too.

Here’s something that you can try out without going to a doctor. Prepare a herbal tea (or else, lemon mixed with warm water will also be fine) and add up to 2 teaspoons of honey. Honey will take care of healing the cough, and lime will take care of the congestion. If this process seems complex to you. Don not worry- as long as you have Nivaran cough syrup with you. It contains all the useful ingredients to help you get rid of cough.


If what you have is a dry cough or an asthmatic one, there’s no better remedy than ginger for you. This valuable ingredient will also help you with relieving the pain caused by excessive coughing. Ginger can be easily found in markets today, so it’s always wise to keep some with you even if you don’t have any sign of a cough or flue.

You simply have to put 20-40g of ginger into a cup of hot water and drink this impressive ginger tea after allowing it to steep. If you want to get the healing effect multiplied (and also the taste), you may add honey and lemon juice too.

Salt water

This is for you if what you suffer from is a wet cough. Saltwater is great for all sorts of sore throats as well. From the ancient times, salt water is believed to have effective results on reducing phlegm, and this is the reason why it clears sore throats and coughs.

All what you need to do is to stir about half a teaspoon of salt in to a glass of warm water and wait until it dissolves. Then gargle as much as you want to. Do this several times a day and you will surely feel relieved.

BUT, do not try this with the kids, because they may not know what gargling means and may swallow salt water- which can cause some issues.

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