Identifying the type of hair to choose best hair care products – Let the world see your true beauty

Before deciding on the best brands and products to use for your hair, you should first need to find out your hair type. Once done, the battle is half over. This is important not just when choosing shampoo and conditioner for you, but also when selecting oils and even hairstyles.

Straight Hair

These type of hair lies flat, and very straight on the scalp. Without much interference, the natural oils of the scalp pass to the ends if you do have straight hair. Those with straight hair should wash their hair regularly. If not, they will surely have oily looking locks. Dry shampoo can also help you out and that will also provide volume to your hair.

One of the key tips to maintain straight hair healthily is to use natural hair products. Don’t use every product that you see in the market, because not every product suits your hair type the best. Nerralu Hair Oil presented by ICL House help your hair to have a healthy boost as it contains the best of natural ingredients.

And, do not ever sleep with wet hair if you have straight hair.

Wavy – Curly Hair

Your hair takes an S shape if you possess wavy- curly hair. Needless to say, the texture of your hair and the shape are thicker than the straight hair, and this is something you should be proud of. So your hair is not flat and it won’t even get oily very often.

This is where you need products such as Nerralu Hair Oil presented by ICL House the most. You don’t have much natural oil in your hair, so you need to keep hydrating it externally. When choosing your shampoo and the conditioner, you should be mindful about the moisturizing factor because you can’t let your hair get dry and dull if you want to shine as a star.

When opting for hairstyles, refrain from using heat styling tools as much as possible! Use heat protection tools if you necessarily have to use heat tools or chemicals.  

Coiled Hair

Coiled hair is different to curly hair. Whether it’s dry or wet, if your hair is tightly curled (coiled), then you are a proud owner of coiled hair. Natural oils from the scalp find it very hard to reach the hair tips, so this is why you need to nourish it with hair treatments and oils.

Your hair needs a lot of massaging and moisturizing. It’s much better if you can refrain from using hair dryers after showering. This can help you avoid many hair damages.

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