How valuable is Adathoda for your health? – A blissful ayurvedic healing

Did you know that people in the good old days prepared a drink called ‘adathoda pas panguwa’ at their homes and drank it to cure cough and wheezing? Our ancestors recognized this herb as a wonderful treatment against phlegm, and they used all parts of the tree including the flowers, roots, leaves and the stem bark to produce this herbal drink. Things have changed, many westernized cures have been introduced but still, adathoda is irreplaceable! Here’s why it’s such a valuable herb.

Adathoda is good for cough and cold

At a time where the COVID 19 pandemic has posed a huge challenge to the entire world, cough and cold are two diseases that scare everyone regardless of their ages. Even if it’s just a recurrent cough or a congested throat, that creates a lot of discomfort during sleep. This is a very exhausting experience. So, why not use adathoda and gain a peaceful relief? Even if you can’t find adathoda flowers, or roots and make a drink for yourself, you can simply try out the Nivaran Cough Syrup or the Nivaran Paspanguwa. Through Nivaran, it’s a rapid relief, but 100% healthy!

Adathoda is good for respiratory illnesses

Adathoda is believed to be a great antibiotic. It’s also a good anti-inflammatory herb. This is why, adathoda is commonly used to treat for chest and nasal congestions. If you are an asthma patient, or someone suffering from bronchitis, sinusitis or any other respiratory illness, adathodais sure to offer you relief! You don’t need to worry about the availability of this magical herb, because Nivaran has it all- quite precisely!

Adathoda helps preventing infections

Yesterday we had SARS, today we have COVID and we never know what future will bring us in terms of infections. While some infections can only cause minor effects, some infections are indeed fatal. This is why you should keep yourself away from bacterial and fungal infections as much as possible. Adathoda has anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties which can fight with fungus and bacteria. So, this is why adathoda protects you from fever, tuberculosis and dengues which are infectious diseases. And, if you have allergic conditions on the skin, adathoda is good as a treatment for that as well.

It purified blood

Are you someone who suffers from heart rhythm disorders? Guess what, adathoda can help you with that as well. It helps to manage blood pressure in your body and improves the blood count. Formation of clots in the arteries is a common heart problem nowadays, and blockage of them creates serious heart mal-functions. Adathoda is a remedy for all these issues.

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