Heels and Hemlines

A Guide to Must-Have Shoes for All Your Different Clothes

We all know how much women love their shoes. It is a must have accessory that completes an outfit to perfection. Ever since Imelda Marcos, former Philippines first lady showed off her 3000 pair collection of designer shoes to the world a few decades ago, just about every girl on the planet has wanted to get on board.

While we can’t all afford – nor a have a place to store thousands of shoes, it doesn’t mean we don’t like to have shoes that go with the rest of our clothes, so we buy the ones that work best for us. Here’s a list of must-have and comfortable heel types available out there and how you can pair them up with the different items in your closet:


Pumps are classics. Sensual, comfortable and coming with a heel that’s both elegant and comfortable enough to wear for a long day at the office. Pumps are also versatile in that it can be worn with a range of work clothes from pantsuits to knee length skirts. They’re also great for dressing up your casual Friday jeans.  


This is the most comfortable way to gain height while not stressing about the pressure on your ankles. Because the wedge heel is a continuous heel going across your foot, you don’t have to put up with the same balancing act like wearing stilettos. Every woman should own a pair of wedges for smart casual occasions, especially if you’re wearing a maxi style dress.

Ankle-Strap Sandals

This sexy pair of sandals come fastened around your ankle for additional support if you like wearing very high heels. They are an elegant choice for a night out on the town or special occasions. Style them with pencil skirts, Kandyan and Indian saris and elegant wide-leg pants.


Peep-toe shoes are a great way to show off your nail polish if you’re out on the town and want others to envy your pedicure. They’re also a great smart-casual option and work well with slim-fit pants and dressy pantsuits and even tights or jeggings that you’d dress up with a vibrant top and bling.


We think they’re called mules because they’re great workhorses. Coming in both open toe and closed shoe styles, mules are mid-length heels with square tips to make walking around much easier than thinner heeled shoes. They also work with a range of work and play outfits from skirts to pants.


Stilettos refer to the tallest and thinnest shoe heels out there so we want to caution that these heels are not for everyone. Having said that many women manage very well on very high heels, but heels over 5 inches and more shouldn’t be worn for long periods of time or on a regular basis as experts warn that this can lead to long term back problems later. For those who do dare wearing these heels, we recommend styling them with minimalistic, elegant evening wear or a simple work dress so that you can show off your heels without the outfit taking more attention.

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