Do you know about natural ingredients that boost hair growth? – Go natural, stay healthy, GLOW!

Perfect hair is a dream that everyone has. But, with all the internal and external challenges and threats, growing hair health is not an easy task for anybody. That needs commitment, and knowledge as well. Your hair doesn’t grow as expected because of a number of reasons. What can you do to stimulate hair growth? What are the natural ingredients that help boosting hair growth? Let’s find out!

Aloe Vera

Did you know why many haircare oils including Nerralu brought to you by ICL House have Aloe Vera in them as a definite ingredient? Aloe Vera is a proven ingredient to prevent hair loss. It also acts as a good medicine to chase away dandruff that’s caused by excess oil on your scalp. Using shampoo and conditioner that contain Aloe Vera and, oils containing this ingredient may do wonders for your hair in the long run.

Coconut Oil

Sri Lankans have been using coconut oil to treat their hair over the years. Coconut oil helps in reducing the protein loss in your hair because it contains fatty acids. Make it a habit to apply coconut oil (or a substitute product such as Nerralu Hair oil) either before taking a bath or after that.


Here, you can either use fresh lemon juice or Lemon oil to treat your hair. They have a direct influence in supporting the growth of your hair, and boosting the overall hair quality. The best way to do a lemon oil (or juice) treatment on hair is to apply it on your scalp at least 15 minutes before you shower. That helps you to have a healthy scalp as well.

Onion juice

Many of you must not be loving the smell of onion juice, but if you ever get to know the health benefits it has, you’ll never hesitate to try it out. Onion juice can promote hair growth and it improves circulation too. Just as how you do with lemon juice, you just need to apply onion juice on your scalp and leave at least for 15 minutes before taking a shower.

Avocado oil  

If you want a true moisturizing done to your hair, then here is the perfect remedy for you. Avocado oil moisturizes your hair from within and helps your hair to shine more. If frizzy hair is the problem you have, avocado oils provide a great solution for that as well.


Your hair needs vitamins and minerals. Oils (especially coconut oil) have vitamins in them, but remember that eggs also have a considerable portion of them. Zinc, iron and selenium are some of the vital nutrients eggs have that can promote hair growth. Eggs also increase oxygen and blood production to the scalp.

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