Daily hair habits to improve hair health – Let your hair shine!

A bad hair day is simply an annoyance, tome, you and everyone. This reduces your self-confidence, and leads you to think less of yourself. But, once you take care of your hair well and smartly, bad hair days will no longer trouble your lives. Improve your hair health and shine everyday like a star. Get used to the following hair habits.

Go for the shower after brushing hair

Regardless of what your hair type is, make sure you brush your hair well before you shower. Let the strands detangle, and this will prevent unnecessary breakage. Needless to say, you need to brush your hair when it’s dry as well, because that’s how you distribute the scalp’s natural oils along your hair.

Use hair care products with good ingredients

Unlike past, you find many hair care products in today’s market. Some of them may contain ayurvedic ingredients, while some may have larger proportions of western ingredients. But, you need to be mindful about each and every ingredient the products use and also about the benefits of them. ICL presents Nerralu which is one of the best hair care products which is composed of valuable ayurvedic ingredients, and these will help your hair to get more nourished.

Get used to a balanced diet

Hair care is not just about the products and therapies you do for your hair. Hair is a part of your body and, taking care of your body means taking care of your hair as well. This is why you should get used to a balanced diet- rich in proteins and vitamins. Hair needs proteins to grow strong. So, eat fish, meat, eggs and beans as much as possible. Also, eat more berries, spinach and avocados because they will boost collagen production.

Reduce the temperature of your shower

Yes, a hot-water shower can all be soothing and pleasant. But, having steamy showers daily will do no good for you. This can irritate your scalp and eventually be one of the reasons why your hair become weak day by day.

Chase your stress away

Stress will one day make you hair-less, they said. Are you someone who just laughed at this joke and forgot what it could have meant? Stress, for sure, does make you hairless. As mentioned before, your hair is a part of your body and stress has direct impacts with almost all the parts of the body. If you are stressed, your skin is stressed too and then the same happens to your scalp too. So, breathe in- breath out well and see how things change positively.  

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