Coconut oil and hair health

Coconut oil is considered to be an exotic hair health and beauty product around the world. For those of us who were born and brought up in Sri Lanka, this ultra-healthy oil is an everyday thing. We use pure coconut oil in our cooking, on our hair and skin all the time because we have always known homegrown goodness of coconut products. But do you know exactly what coconut oil contains that makes it so great?

All pure coconut oils contain a medium fatty acid called Lauric Acid which gives the oil its straight structure and which in turn is absorbed well into the skin and hair. Researchers agree that coconut oil is far better than other hair oils like sunflower or mineral oil because it’s the best at minimizing protein loss and in turn improved overall hair and scalp health. Pure coconut oil is the best even for bleached, chemically treated or sun-exposed hair. This means applying coconut oil into your hair and scalp a couple of hours before a shower can also help protect the scalp’s natural oils from being washed away.

It is also a well-known fact that many Sri Lankan women love to have long, lush hair. Coconut oil can help here too. Pure coconut oil forms a protective layer over your hair and scalp that prevents the daily damage of free radicals like wind and harsh sunlight and by having a moisturizing effect, it reduces breakage and damage. The bottom line here is that our hair is subjected to constant wear and tear. Using coconut oil regularly can promote sleek, healthy black hair.

The health benefits of pure coconut oil don’t end there. One study showed that coconut oil, when combined with anise extract helped prevented people from getting a bad case of headlice. Coconut oil has also been found to contain a SPF 8 sun protection factor that prevents hair damage when you’re out and about in the tropical heat.

Other benefits include coconut oil being a great natural treatment for dandruff. The antibacterial properties in pure coconut oil help protect the scalp from yeast or fungal damage that cause bad cases of dandruff. The topical oil has also played a role in preventing hair loss. While it is quite normal to lose as many as a 100 hairs a day, it doesn’t mean we have to live with the unnecessary loss of hair. By forming a thick, protective layer around hair follicles it prevents unnecessary hair loss and promotes a thicker head of hair. A coat of coconut oil also means that your hair becomes smoother and silkier and in turn reduces addition stress caused by styling and combing.

Hair experts also warn against the excessive use of oil in your hair, irrespective of whether it is coconut oil or an alternative. Too much oil means an unnecessary buildup of oil on your scalp and can make your hair greasy and dull. If you have thin hair, were commend that you avoid using oil on your scalp and start a few inches away along your hair during a weekly or monthly oiling.

Keep this information in mind the next time you’re on the lookout for haircare products that are all-natural and completely healthy.

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