Boosting everyday immunity

Keeping your immune system working at peak levels is of absolute importance these days. With a deadly pandemic on the loose and unpredictable weather patterns, we are all worried about keeping ourselves and our families safe. Friends and loved ones send us forwards with various tips and tricks on how to beat COVID-19 but the reality is that boosting your body’s immunity is the best way to stay safe and healthy, be in from a pandemic virus or the common cold.  

Our immune systems are intelligent structures, made up of a complex systems of organs, cells and proteins, they can not only protect your body from harmful germs and infections, but it can also keep a record of germs that have entered your system before. This means it gets better at its job as time goes along, having inherent knowledge of how to beat it better, if an illness comes back. This is how we only get illnesses like Chickenpox once. However, along with knowledge requires a strong immune system proactively working to constantly battle of germs round the clock.

There are many natural ways in which we can support our immune systems and keep them working well. Let’s explore how we can use 5 everyday Sri Lankan foods and herbs to help boost immunity:


Vitamin C is a key to boosting immunity and your body doesn’t produce or store it so it’s up to you to give your body a regular supply. Most of us make the mistake of waiting until we catch a cold to turn to citric solutions, but having a regular supply of Vitamin C through natural sources can help prevent you getting a cold at all. We highly recommend having a glass of lemon juice daily- or at least 3 times a week.


Coriander in your cooking or boiled down into a rich golden drink means you’re in good hands. Packed with the best minerals from magnesium to potassium and infused with both Vitamin C and K, having a regular dose of coriander can help with lower blood sugar levels, fight free radicals, improve your digestive system and help your body fight off infections.


Used in both sweet and savory foods – and brewed into a tea, consuming Ginger is one of the best ways to give your immune system the boost it needs. Containing a substance called gingerol, ginger has been known to have strong preventive effect against many illnesses and works as an antioxidant, anti-nausea medication, anti-inflammatory agent and more.


Used in many Ayurvedic treatments for centuries and in a Kola Kandha at home, Venivelgata has been used to treat several ailments including diabetes, the flu, the common cold and many others while also giving your immune system a boost. Have this much loved herb in your home or drink in a paspanguwa when you want your body to have an additional boost 


Pathpadagam has been used in complete form due to its anthelmintic properties, meaning that its great at keep parasites away from you. Also used in Ayurvedic treatments and found in Nivaran Paspanguwa packs, Pathpadagam is also great at treating skin ailments, appendicitis, viral infections, acne, snake bites and various eye conditions.

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