Taking care of your mental health during Covid-19

We take precaution by socially distancing, practicing good hand hygiene and wearing masks to protect ourselves from the ongoing contagious virus. While this is of utmost importance, we tend to forget to pay attention to another crucial aspect of our overall well-being: our mental health.

This global pandemic has taken a devastating toll on a lot of aspects of our lives, therefore it is important to find ways to deal with the mental stress and anxiety that arises during this challenging time where unemployment levels are high, lockdowns are frequent and concerns about infections are always weighing on our minds.

Mental health is of the utmost importance as it affects all aspects of our lives. From your work and career to your family and relationships. Deteriorating mental health can lead to intense fear and worry, changes in sleeping patterns, worsening health problems and increased used of stimulants and substances.

Read on for some ways you can help improve your mental health during this pandemic.


Take care of your physical wellbeing

Since your mental and physical health are directly intertwined, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Try to eat healthy, exercise regularly, avoid junk food and get a good night of sleep.

Stay practical

With constant lockdowns and curfews, we need to find alternative methods to get things done. If you are unable to go to the grocery store, try asking a neighbor or friend for help. You could also find a reliable delivery service.

If going to the gym is not an option, find some online workouts and follow through. There are great articles on using household items to help you weight train.

Stay connected

Don’t isolate yourself from your family and friends. Find time to virtually connect with your loved ones via video calls, messages and e-mails. Maintaining healthy relationships is a very important to your overall mental well-being.

Do something for someone else

There is joy in helping someone out. If you are in a position to do so, help those in need or simply do something nice for a friend or love done. Maybe help them get some groceries, aid with getting their medicine or simply send them some flowers to cheer them up.

Limit the amount of news

While it’s important to stay up to date with current information, the constant news stories can sometimes be too stressful on the mind. While staying informed, also try to avoid suffering from information overload. Try to include some fun entertainment such as watching a funny movie, TV show or even reading a book.

Engage in some light yoga or meditation

With proven health benefits both mentally and physically, yoga and meditation are an effective way of relaxing and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. There are some great beginner yoga tutorials and guided meditation sessions online.  Try to do a few minutes of meditation as soon as you wake up in the morning if possible. This may help you have a positive and mindful day.

Be cautious when using social media

While this is a great way to stay connected with family and friends across the globe, sometimes social media can spread false and misleading information. With all the negative news going on at the moment, we don’t need false information stressing us out!

Talk to a professional

If you need some extra support, reach out to a mental health professional. While you may not be able to visit them physically, there are many great counsellors who conduct virtual sessions during these trying times.

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