How to stay active during lockdown

During these unpredictable times, it is hard to know when we might suddenly go into a lockdown at any given time. Being in closed quarters for prolonged periods of time can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being, therefore it is important to maintain some form or regular exercise to stay as fit and active as possible.

You may encounter a number of challenges when trying to stay active during lockdown such as the lack of motivation, space restrictions, time constraints etc. but we must try to find new ways to get moving so that you can avoid the chances of getting depressed, anxious or stressed out.

Head to the garden

If your house or apartment has a garden area, get out there and get sweating! Even if you are not a big fan of working out, some fresh air and gardening might do wonders for your overall mood and wellbeing. Try planting some flowers, growing some herbs or even just maintaining your lawn.

Find the right time

If you are in lockdown, the chances are that you are working from home, therefore it is important to find a time for exercise, one that works with your current routine. Many people find it easier to work out in the mornings because they feel energized throughout the day, while some people prefer to work out after they are done with work. Finding the right time and sticking to a set routine will help you find the motivation to get in some exercise, daily.

Track your workouts

Set realistic workout goals and track your workouts! This could be done with an app or by simply using a whiteboard. Set your weekly or monthly goal and tick off each day that you complete your workout. This can help you gain a sense of accomplishment while keeping you motivated and determined to achieve your fitness goals.

Keep it fun!

Keep it interesting by plugging in your speaker and listening to your favorite playlist or even streaming a TV show or movie while working out. Keeping your mind occupied with some music or something you like to watch will help you finish your workout in a fun and easy manner!

Get your friends involved!

It is much easier to be motivated if you can find a friend to work out with. Since heading to the gym during lockdown is out of the question, find a friend and make a pact to virtually workout together whenever possible. Try to find a time that is convenient for both of you, get on a video call and start exercising!

Find help online

Struggling trying to figure out what todo for your home workouts? Jump online and find an exercise routine that works for you. Due to the current pandemic situation, many gyms and fitness classes offer virtual sessions on a daily basis. If not, browse through YouTube to find plenty of home workouts ranging from beginner level to advance, that can be done using minimal equipment.

Stay active with housework

If you are stuck at home, do some housework daily so that you can get in some physical activity while doing some spring cleaning. Activities such as gardening, sweeping, wiping windows etc. can help lose up to 200 calories per 30 minutes.

Keep it interesting!

Doing the same routine everyday can get boring and monotonous in no time. Get online and sign up for a class that you have always wanted to try. There are an array of options available such as Zumba, Dance Fit, Barre, Yoga or Pilates which are fun yet effective forms of burning calories.

Play with the kids

If you have kids at home, join in on the fun by playing a game or two with them. This is a great way to spend some quality family time while getting in some light exercise. A game of catch, cricket, volleyball or even hide and seek is a great way to bond with your kids while staying active.

Create a designated workout space

If you have some extra space in your apartment or home, try to create a home workout area. You could keep your water bottle, yoga mat, some fresh towels, resistance bands, dumbbells etc. in this area. Seeing this space while going about your day to day routine will encourage you to get in some daily exercise.

Substitute household items for workout equipment

Have no access to weights and resistance bands? Do not worry! Chances are there are plenty of everyday items in your house that can be used as substitute weights. For dumbbell or kettlebells items such as a large sack of rice, a backpack filled with books, a bag full of potatoes etc. will work great while a towel can be used as a substitute resistance band.

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