Exercise-Snacking 101

Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day, right?

Maintaining your health on a day-to-day basis can sometimes seem like a university degree in and of itself. And with the slew of advice and instructions available online, it looks like there’s a new hotfix coming out every day. What makes things even harder is our current inability to leave home and sign up for a gym. That’s where exercise snacking comes in. These are some of the small exercises you can do daily at home that easily integrates into any routine you may have.

Before we jump in, keep in mind that these exercises supplement your daily errands and activities, i.e., transitory.


Take A Phone-Call Walk Around

Anyone currently working remotely from home knows the woes of a thousand phone calls. Whether it’s by co-workers, delivery services, friends, or even family, you’re more than likely on the phone much more often than you would typically be. Lucky for you, these calls present the perfect opportunity to getup and get that blood pumping a little. 

Whenever you’re on a call that doesn’t require notetaking, have a walkaround.


Use Stairs (If you have them)

Indeed, having a staircase doesn’t make it the most accessible experience to get around the house with ease. But it would be best if you were taking all opportunities to get up and start moving – walking provides an excellent means of doing so. Now that you’re probably at home most of the time take every opportunity you can to use a staircase (or if you don’t have one, try having a good old walk around the abode). This one is a little more adaptable too. If you want to take your exercises further in the future to an entire routine, stairs make for excellent step-up tools.

Take the stairs like it was the only way around.

Work Out While Cleaning Up

Staying at home undoubtedly means your place is going to need a good cleaning much more often. With most corners of the house occupied at any given time, the chances of dust building and dirt getting everywhere have pretty much sky rocketed. Now, you may think I hate cleaning up! And to that, we would say it’s an excellent chance to squeeze in some exercise.

Yes, cleaning is somewhat physically demanding on its own. But sprinkling in some exercise means that you’ll not only be subject to a tidier space but be getting fit in the process! Now, we don’t mean that you should be trying to do push-ups with one hand and mopping in the other by any means. But do keep in mind a couple of things while you’re on your cleaning journey:

  1. Maintain     good posture throughout. Tighten your core in intervals.
  2. Breathe     consistently and purposefully.


Entertainment Breaks

Because you’re probably at home most of the time, it’s safe to assume that you’re using a streaming service or television programming to keep the boredom at bay. It can be tough to be knee-deep in work mode around the clock, so it’s a given that taking breaks to entertain yourself in some way is essential. Now with this in mind, it’s an equally good idea to sprinkle in some exercise while you’re in break mode.

Due to the nature of entertainment programming on television and the internet, you’ll most likely be subject to advertising in some shape or form. And since for most advertising can be tiresome, you could use the chance to get in some exercise that would otherwise be lacking.


If you’re on a video streaming service, get some exercise in between episodes or after movies.

If you’re listening to music, insert some activity in between songs or albums.

A fan of podcasts? Use the ad breaks to get some exercise in.


We know the current situation isn’t the ideal one to get a good exercise routine in. And when things get a little easier, we highly recommend getting out and about going to gyms, jogs, and whatever else you do to exercise. That said, though, sprinkling in some exercise in your daily activities is the next best option.

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